Friday, 18 May 2018

Kenmo Resume Tips

Tips to follow while using your Kenmo Resume Builder

  • Customize your resume for every job posting. Frame your experience with respect to the job requirement. Take care to mention the relevant keywords - it can get your resume past the job filtering software.

  • Always inform people before mentioning them as references.

  • Mention your accomplishments alongside your responsibilities in your earlier jobs. Employers like to see accomplishments where the candidate has made an impact.

  • Avoid using the cliches such as "hard-working", "excellent learner", "team player", “dedicated”, and so on. Employers expect you to be all that.

(Coming Soon - Kenmo Job Search)

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Meet Your New Career Companions

Kenmo Resume Builder

Greetings, announces the launch of Kenmo Resume Builder and Kenmo Career Pathfinder.

Kenmo Resume Builder

  • Create a well-formatted, ATS friendly, professional resume in minutes.
  • Preview your resume, create an account if you want to save and share.
  • Resume securely hosted at - just share the link instead of a large pdf or doc file.
  • Completely free.
Kenmo Career Pathfinder
  • Explore the career paths of thousands of professionals like you, and find your way to your dream job.
  • Search by skills and designations to identify the best career alternatives based on your interests and competencies.
The best part - this is only the beginning! We have lot of new features coming your way to keep you ahead in your career.

A great career starts with a great resume. Come, build yours!


Monday, 13 March 2017

Introducing Kenmo Career Pathfinder

Hello there, and welcome to the Kenmo blog.

We all have a circle of close friends that helps and guides us through our life. At Kenmo, we are building something similar for your career - a circle of companions that guides you through your career journey.

We have just launched your first companion - the Kenmo Career Pathfinder.

What is Kenmo Career Pathfinder?

Sometimes you have a position in mind, but don't know how to get there. Kenmo Career Pathfinder shows the paths others like you have followed to get that job.

Sometimes you are stuck in your career, not knowing how to break out. Kenmo Career Pathfinder shows what skills professionals like you have used as they progress in their career.

Sometimes you know what skills you have, and skills you are passionate about, but don’t know how best you can use those to further your career. Kenmo Career Pathfinder can tell you the possibilities — it shows you the positions other people with these skills have reached.

Or, sometimes you are just bored, and want to explore how people generally go about in their careers. Kenmo Career Pathfinder can help there, too.

Kenmo Career Paths
Kenmo Career Paths - Click for live demo
Kenmo Skill Paths
Kenmo Skill Paths - Click for live demo

We love using the Kenmo Career Pathfinder. We hope you do, too!

Comments? Feedback? Notice something weird? We would love to hear from you at

Team Kenmo